Metronome Magazine's Top Five Albums for April 2013

What you see (and hear) is exactly what you get with Evoke Ensemble’s new CD, Groove for Peace. Bassist, Tim Paul Weiner, trombonist Lennie Peterson, guitarist Mark Campbell, keyboardist Tim Butterworth and drummer Jason Kenyon with guests Nadjim Kebir on percussion, Aubrey Knight on vocals, Boujemaa Razgui on Mawal vocals, violinist Orie Furuta and cellist Jeff Briggette deliver an outstanding collection of joyous instrumentals that seethe with rhythm, groove and emotion and remind this humble scribe of early Epic releases by the late, great Jaco Pastorius.
While bassist Weiner boasts chops that are every bit as fluid, inventive and accomplished as Jaco’s, it is truly the complex interplay between band members that makes Groove for Peace so memorably rewarding. Songs of note include the magnificent album title track, “Groove for Peace", with it’s underlying Eastern Indian influence, brash horn lines and nimble bass work, the colorful 4-string workout and horn interplay of “Mosaic", the chordal mastery of “Seek", the trippy ear candy of “Ixora", the tasteful fretboard work, bounding horn lines and sterling keyboard mastery of the funky good time swagger of “Demitasse".
Evoke Ensemble is one of the newest acts to hit the Boston Scene and a welcomed addition to the jazz/fusion side of the tracks. Be sure to hear this vital band.

(Douglas Sloan-Metronome Magazine)

Bass Frontiers Magazine January 2013 Album Review
Brent-Anthony Johnson
Bass Frontiers Staff Writer

Released in September 2012, Groove for Peace (CD Baby) is a beautifully produced and performed offering of 12 compositions by bassist/composer Tim Paul Weiner and his Evoke Ensemble. The pieces flirt with film score landscapes and world music, while being grounded in jazz with distinct R&B groove sensibility that aims ever skyward and beyond. Groove For Peace is an absolutely full spectrum outing! As a listener, I was able to put it on while chilling with friends, and bob my head along with it when listening in my car, or alone. That’s really important! At no point does the music become insipid or unnecessarily insistent upon itself. Instead, Groove For peace is beautiful throughout!

This is a wonderful collection of killin’ tunes – particularly as this is the ensemble’s premier outing! Tim’s pocket, tone and harmonic sense are enviable, and he delivers great “everything" on the tune “Mosaic" as much as any of the other 11 pieces on the CD. “Overflow" is another example of Tim’s deep well of groove-oriented ideas, and that’s a favorite tune. I look forward to hearing more from Tim and this group of players in the near future!

Evoke Ensemble includes Mike Campbell (guitars), Lennie Peterson (trombone), Tim Butterworth (keyboards), and Jason Kenyon (drums/percussion), and they are completed by several guests. The interplay between Jason Kenyon, Mike Campbell and Tim Paul Weiner is remarkable, and there is an unmistakable telepathy between these 3 musicians that makes the music work on a hip and visceral level. Groove For Peace is a much needed and very cool release!
Must hear tunes: “I Believe In Us", “Mosaic", “Seek"